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DUSK DWELL - "AnemonA"
Автор: chelovek42 17-06-2011, 23:13 0 1994    

What is happening to me?
The smell of blossoms makes me hard to breathe.
Everything I missed so long, has arisen!
Leaves turn to green,
The wind tenderly touches them and sings...
Everything I missed long has arisen in shining beams.

Spring. Cold winds have flown away.
On warm slopes of mountains their traces were gone.
The dream has shown me the shape of the day
When hopes of the old tales have thawed near Anemones...

All smells sweet - pollen and a last year's grass.
The sun walks on steppe meadows in vain search of snow.
Valleys will meet affably, they will hide us
In young crowns... in its shadows... under cloudy dumb show.

The goddess trembles... Her beloved Just about to come...
The goddess trembles... Her beloved Just about to come...
Just about to come...

The young beloved has not returned from the Kingdom of Shades...
That’s why the golden-haired goddess so cried!
That’s why she poured inconsolable tears
On that place, where her loved Adonis died...

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty,
Your tears with scarlet anemones covered valleys.
Let the grief be fleeting and leave,
As a vernal Anemona's life and feelings which the life can give...

(Written by 'Чук' in Spring'10)

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